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Participated on 26th Republic Day:
I was attainded as Guest on the occasion of 26 Republic day ceremony organised by SISCA at Bandra(w) Mumbai. on 26-01-2015


Participated on the occasion of 84 Saudi National Day Celebration

Consulate General of Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has invited me on the occasion of their 84 National Day Celebration  which was held at Trident hotel, Nariman point, Mumbai India on 23 September 2014. Mr Abdullah Bin Sulaiman Al-Essa, Hon'ble Consul General of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mumbai  meet very warmly and it was wonderful meeting.


Seminar on the Topic of Jihad

Seminar Organised by Islamic Awareness society on 8th may 2006 at Press club on today’s hot subject “Jihad” and inauguration of the book Titled Jihad (In the Light of Holy Quran) written by Mr.Faizan Ahmed Azizi .Well known personalities from different religions were present to grace the occasion and gave their important observations.

The Chief Guest Ex- Chief Justice of  Mumbai High Court Mr. Davd told “the gathering  that Jihad mean fighting with  our own conscious and a fight against injustice. Today’s world has  wrongly misinterpreted the subject by the western media and is linked with Terrorism”. The Guest of Honour Dr.Araham Mathai (General Secretary All India Christian Council) told that “no religion gave permission for terrorism and in every religions some groups are found in every era who go against the teaching of their religion and do injustice to common people and society in general due to these group the entire community cannot be branded as terrorism. The people who try to spread misconcept regarding Islam should do a soul searching themselves before pointing fingers at others. He referred to some groups within  the Hindu community such as bajrang Dal and VHP who spread terror in the name of religion but these groups are not branded as Hindu terrorist  group on the other hand if some act is done  by a Muslim it is termed on Islamic terrorism by the media"

The author of the book Jihad (in the light of holy Quran) Mr.Faizan ahmed Azizi told that “Jihad and Terrorism are two opposites and cannot be used in the same context and  due to misguidance  by some groups they both are linked to each other. Jihad brings the peace in the society and gives the right of each and individual Human being. Mogal empire is not a ideal of islamic empire or rules only from the Hazrat Muhammad (S.W.S)  till Hazrat Ali (R.A) struggle and rules was the islamic rules and  struggle. Our Ideal is our Prophet his compainin and our saint Like Kwajagarib Nawaz .

 During the inauguration of the book a lot of prominent personalities congratulated the author Mr.Faizan ahmed Azizi and Islamic Awareness Society and those who could not attain the function such as Mr.I.K.Gujral (Hon’le former Prime Minister of India), Smt Priya Dutt (M.P), Mr.Milind Deora (M.P) and Husain Dalvai (Vice President Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee) and may others send their good wishes. The vote of thanks given by Mr.Javed Memon (General Secretary Islamic awareness Society Maharashtra) who thanked the guest and Media and requested the media to find the correct information regarding Teachings of Islam and  publish it accordingly. 

Mr Faizan Ahmed Azizi Author of JIHAD & President IAS ( holding book )

Shri Abraham Mathai Gen Secretary, All India Christian Council (giving speech)

Justice S. M. Daud Former Chief Justice of Bombay High Court