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About me                                       

I   born in Mumbai, India to a highly respectable, cultured and prominent family that produced a lot of scholars, and people actively involved in the education and Islamic sector.My grand father was the Saikhul Hadith (Master of Hadith). He was teaching Hadith in Many Madarasas Specially he comes to Aljamiatul Ashrafia Mubarakpur Azamgarh U.P to take exam of Hadith. Many Prominent  Ulema from Muslim community are the student of my Grand Father. My Father activly involve in Indian Politics and he is very good poet and wrote few peotry books. I am a businessman  when ever i got time i spent in social work specially in reading and writing . i has written few peotry book. The aim of my writting is to show the fact to the people and to create brotherhood among the Muslim and Non muslim Community. I especially pike that topic which was misguided by the anti social and Islamic element. one of my book Title Jihad )In the Light of Holy Quran) got Place in world top Universities and Institution like Oxford, Cambridge, British Library and Trinty College Dublin of Republic of Ireland has requested a copy for their library. 

National Monitoring Committee for Minorities Education
Ministry of Human Resource Development. Govt of India

Role & Duties

NMCME was constituted in 2004 to look into all aspects of education of minorities and suggest ways and means to improve the conditions for educational empowerment of minorities. The terms of reference of the Committee are:

  • To advise the Goverment on the contemporary approach towards traditional methods of institution.
  • To monitor the ongoing schemes of Ministry of HRD targeted at Minorities.
  • To monitor the implementation of Chapter 3-Minorities' Education of the Progorammee of Action, 1992;
  • To recommend to the Government how best to address issues related to reservation, recognition and affiliation of minority institutions.
  • To monitor the ongoing schemes of the Ministry of HRD targeted at Minorities.
  • To advise the Government on the contemporary approach towards traditional method of instruction.
  • The Committee shall advise the Government on all matters pertaining to the education of minorities. In addition, it will review the functioning of various schemes launched by the Ministry for the purpose of promoting minority education.

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Tellephone Advisory Committee (MTNL Mumbai East-I)
of Communications and Information Technology, Govt of India

Ex. Member
Steel Cnsumers Council
Ministry of Steel. Govt of India

Steel Consumers’ Council   The Steel Consumers’ Council was constituted in 1986 under the chairmanship of the Minister of Steel to advise and assist the Central Government on matters relating to supply, availability, quality and the market trends of iron and steel. .  The tenure of the Council was initially fixed for two years, which has been extended from time to time.  The term of the present Steel Consumers’ Council is till the Minister hold the charge.

  Role and Duties
To advise Govt of India regarding the Production, Marketing and consumer problem of Steel.

My Professional Experiences are:

Professional Experience with successfully managing all aspects of a business including selecting, managing and training sales staff; Achieving Sales targets; developing, managing and establishing the productivity goals, and leading cross-functional teams on key projects. Proven leadership skills gained managing business. A top performer with proven success in strategic thinking and problem solving, posses professional and enthusiastic approach in providing with an excellent work performance and on going desire to continue learning in improving professional skills Have a passion towards headhunting, new business development across the globe.


-Relationship building
- Team Management
- Technical Knowledge
- Good learning and listening


- Reading and writing 
- Like to take part in Educational & social activities
- Like to attain seminar
- Like to work in team group
- Like to meet different people and making friends
- Sports (football)

My Education


Doctorate in Management Studies (DMS) from ISBM (IndianSchool of Business & Administration) in 2010.

MBA ( Master of Business Administration):

MBA from ITM (Institute for Technology and Management), SIES college Sion campus Mumbai in 2006


B.com (Bachelor of Commerce) from MumbaiUniversity (R.D. National College Bandra (W) linking Road, Mumbai) in 2001


Contact Address

4A/01, (DR. Ram Manoher Lohia Nagar)

Taxmen’s colony, End of Bandra - Kurla Complex

Kurla (w)Mumbai-70. Maharashtra. India.

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