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As per my interest in reading and writing i have write few book. The aim was to show the fact to the people. I especially i pike that topic which was misguided by the anti social and Islamic element. for the said purpose I have wrote the said books.


1. Jihad (In The Light of Holy Quran)

 How and Why I chose the said title:

 When I saw there is big universal misunderstanding between term Jihad and Terrorism, due to which the whole world is facing great problems. Then I pick up pen and try to clear the misconcept about Jihad, which is created by some partial groups and they link Jihad with the Terrorism. Jihad doesn't mean to kill any innocent or create violence and to spread the terror in the society. Jihad and Terrorism both are the two different things and both are opposite and cannot be used in the same context. Jihad is an Arabic Word, which means to struggle and to fight. Quran says to struggle again our own conscious first and then to struggle against the injustice and inequality. Jihad brings the peace and justice in the society and gives the right to each and individual human being. Now a day because of some anti social elements Jihad is linked as a Terror due to some group who make violence in the name of Islam and Jihad.

Jihad is an instrument to destroy evil-doers and to establish justice in the society. Islam has rejected all strife and struggle which contributes to self interest and hatred. Islam has always despised conflicts which are fought to serve personal purposes and are an instrument to conduct ethnic cleansing. On the contrary it has declared such acts to be unislamic. Every religion has its own configuration. There are some groups which oppose their religion out of the way, while there are some which use religion for their self achieving goals. History is a witness to the fact that there is no religion in the world, which propagates hatred and violence, but its followers indulge in them. For example Hitler exterminated millions of Jews which is known as Holocaust what is it mean the whole Christian and Christianity is a terrorist and second side Jews eliminated Christians during their supremacy and according to Christianity Jews ruler Killed Jesus (PBUH) know tell me friend what you tell about the killing of Prophet I thing it is a very crucial and terror act was done by Jews but friend it doesn't mean the all Jews and Judaism is a religion of terror.. These are baseless allegations, which do not hold even an iota of truth. Followers of other religions have definitely indulged in such inhumane acts.

There are innumerable instances where believers of a particular religion acted against the teachings of their own religion. Should their acts be associated with their religion? The activity of ULFA (Indian state Assam), Maoists (Nepal and India) and the Naxalites (India) On 28th March 2002, In Israil Kach (Hebrew for "Only Thus") was founded by radical Israeli-American rabbi Meir Kahane. The stated goal of Kach and its offshoot Kahane Chai, which means "Kahane Lives," (founded by Meir Kahane's son Binyamin following his father's assassination in the United States), LTTE in Sri Lanka, The Shining Path in Peru (South America), Irish Republican Army in Ireland, The Red Brigade of Italy, Basque Homeland and Freedom in Spain Chukaku-Ha Japan, National Liberation Army Colombia Colombia National Liberation Front of Corsica France, Nestor Paz Zamora Commission (CNPZ) Bolivia New People's Army Philippines and the 
secessionist activities of LTTE in Sri Lanka are world known .On 28th March 2002 Indian state of Gujarat was a scene of complete chaos, where innocent women were raped and pregnant women were robbed of their wombs and few dissidents raised the banner of Khalistan in India due to which the whole Punjab state was engulfed in violence and upheaval for more than a decade. Is all of above organizations religion accountable for their act? Does an act of few Sikhs, Christian, Hindu, Jews and other religions terrorist convert their community as terrorists? If we summarize all the major religions of the world, we'll find that in every religion there are constituents who neglect their ethics to achieve their meager objectives. There are some who rule the nation with tyranny and injustice and some who govern the nation with good faith and justice. Yet their rule cannot be associated with their respective religion. Similarly in the Islamic world there are few monarchs who thrive on the diktats of powerful nations and when confronted with injustice declare Jihad on these very superpowers. I would like to ask them where the concept of Jihad was when they governed according to the whims of western countries and fought against their neighbors. Islam has categorically rejected all these conflicts and wars and termed them as unislamic. So is it wise to believe that Islam could sanction such upheaval and catastrophe in the name of Jihad? Such aberrations are to be noticed in every religion so is it wise to declare every religion a source of terrorism

Now a day in the name of Peace what a superpower country doing? We all are well aware In the name of peace many innocent was killed and whole Iraq was demolish on the base of lie but the whole world keep silent and not making noise as they make on the name of Jihad.I have tried to explain the following things.

1.What is Jihad?
2.Muslim Do they understand?
3Non-Muslim do they misunderstand?
4Types of Jihad
5.Jihad for whom
6.What Quran and Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and his companion say about the Jihad etc.

 I am sure the reader mind will clear the term about jihad after a reading of my Book. Book is available at various website you can visit


Book In Oxford University Library
You can see the book by visit the following link

Book In Cambridge University
You can see the book by visit the following link|cambrdgedb|4338629 

Book In Trinty college Dulbin of Ireland Library 
see here :
This book is also available in the British Library and  other institute and library also.

2. Eating of Non-veg is permitted in all major religion and what science says:


God create human not only in some part of the world but in the rest of the world where human being are staled. That area covers Desert, Ice land sea area. All human are not same in nature or their diet is also different as well cloth also. You can say the life style of a human being is not same due to geographical distribution and their area climate and resources.


Like in the ice land most of time it is difficult to find a single grass at that area why because that time ice coved the full land that time people of ice land eat Fish and other animal for their survive. Same types of situation are faced those people who are living in desert area, their diet is also depend on the meat. If these people not get meat then how could they survive? This is geographical example which show why people eat meat.If we read religious book of all religion we find that every religion has allow to eat non veg. Whether it may be Christian, Jews and even Hindu religion

If you read said book you will get knowledge how Science and nature permitted to eat non veg food  


3. The Role of Madarsa and Jihad in Indian Freedom Struggle:

4.Hayat Wa Khidmaat Hazrat Sayed Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki Rehamatulla Alai
(Life and Contribution of 
Hazrat Sayed Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (R.A)


1.History of Sufism

2.Who is Wali

3.short history of Chisti silsila  Buzurg from Huzoor Sallalahu alaihe Wasallam till Khawaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki    Rehamtulla Alaih

4.Khawaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki Rehamtulla Alaih family,Teaching, His Prayers and Power.
5.Some his successor name and detail

6.Effect of Sufi Teaching on Varius culture and society etc

5.Educational Schemes for Minority of India by Central, States Governments, Corporate, Ngo’s & Banks
" The minority communities in the country are given due consideration through different scholarship schemes sponsored by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Human Resource Development and some other ministry of Government of India state government, corporate Ngo's and Banks. Some aware persons and organizations took the benefit of these welfare schemes, while the ignorant persons could not avail these facilities due to lack of awareness. To propagate schemes for Minorities educational development We published this information booklet– “Educational Schemes for Minority of India by Central, States governments, Corporate, Ngo’s & Banks”.We also sincerely hope that by this collective initiative of ours, hundreds of those students, who otherwise would have been deprived of literacy, will contribute in the nation building.

you can download this book let from