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My recommendation to Maharashtra and Center Govt to remove govt servant guarantor condition for getting aid from Maulana Azad Minorities Financial Development Corporation Limited

I have send letters to Maharashtra and Central Government like P.M, Minority affair Minister of India, CM of Maharashtra and Maharashtra Minority affair inister  to make easy process eligibility criteria for giving financial aid through Maulana Azad Minorities Financial Development Corporation Limited because there is one condition is to provide government servant guarantor. This is big barrier for applicant and due to that majority of Muslim not able to get benefited from Maulana Azad Minorities Financial Development Corporation Limited aid facility. I clearly mentioned that when the natinalise bank who giving crors of rupees and other financial institute not having such kind of condition then why such condition putted here?

There fore i requested to the Maharashtra Government and Center government also to remove the condition to provide government servant 
guarantor and make it as before it was. 

Media Report

Loans from Maulana Azad Corp not easy

Taking loan from Maulana Azad Minority Development Corporation in Maharashtra has become complicated. The state government has imposed the condition that the applicant for loan has to produce a guarantor who must be a government employee. Protesting this decision, Dr. Faizan Ahmad Azizi, member of the Monitoring Committee for Minority Education, has written letters to the Prime Minister Narender Modi, Chief Minister Devendera Fadnavis and state minister for minority development. Dr. Faizan has demanded that the condition should be dropped so that the needy could get loans without any hassle. He further said that getting loans from Maulana Azad Corporation was not so easy earlier, but after this condition it had become even more complicated. The State government had established this corporation to provide loans to the minorities so that they could stand on their feet. But after the announcement of this new condition it has become more difficult to get loans from this corporation. Dr. Faizan said that students from weaker sections too are provided educational loans from Maulana Azad Corporation. He has doubted if loans for students will be available easily once this order is implemented. He said that there is a dearth of government employees in the Muslim community, and if this new rule is implemented, students and other needy people from minority communities would not get any financial benefit from Maulana Azad Minority Financial Development Corporation.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 January 2015 on page no. 15

Maharashtra Education department announce entry level online school admission on My recommendation

Many struggle was made for the improvment of RTE quota admission problem but after my recommendation and raising the issue with the Central Government the Education department of Maharshtra officials announced the entry level online school admissions through a centralized online process in Mumbai and Pune.

Times of India report link here attached in which announcement was made on my suggestion.


In the Seminar & Press conference Titled “JIHAD’’ held On 8th May 2006 some News Channels & News Paper clippings are : 

A) News Channels :

2) Sahara Mumbai New Channel
3) Ctv New Channel
4) Marathi News Channel and others

B) News Papers:

1) Maharashtra Times (Mumbai daily Marathi)
2) Mahanayak (Mumbai daily Marathi)
3) Hamara Maharagar (Mumbai daily Hindi)
4) Inquilab (Mumbai daily Urdu)
5) Urdu Times (Mumbai daily Urdu)
6) Hindustan (Mumbai daily Urdu)
7) Sahara (Mumbai daily Urdu)
DNA (Mumbai daily English)
9) Lokmat Times from (Aurangabad daily English)
10) Hindustan (Aurangabad daily Urdu)
11) AL Jazira ((Aurangabad daily Urdu)
12) Citizen (Aurangabad daily Urdu)
13) Siyasat (Hydrabad daily Urdu) and other from rest part of India.

 Here are Few News paper cuttings


 Mr. Faizan Ahmed Azizi has been interviewed on newschannels like CTV and GTV during the inauguration of the book "JIHAD" - In the Light of Holy Quran. ( some images from the interview below )